turkeys gobbling??

Anyone hearing any turkeys yet,..I went out this AM in jedburg and didnt hear squat,..
I know its a little early but they should be starting anytime now

Been gobbling & strutting for two weeks on the warmer days.
Longer than 2 weeks, but I am still finding some grown birds without the ladies

"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!"

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they usually dont get fired up on my property till the first week of April
will give it a shot on the youth day saturday and see of we can get em talking
Heard one Tom gobble at 7:45 ONE time from the roost this morning while fishing. Had a BUNCH of Hens yelping for a minute or so after he gobbled...then all hushed after flying down.
Had several raising heck from 1300 to 1500 today.
had two gobble good on the roost sat AM,..
hit the ground,..gobbled once,..and disappeared into the swamp,.
Save your ammo.

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.
What kind of a tag do I have to get to get them that way! Unbelevable!
What kind of a tag do I have to get to get them that way! Unbelevable!Originally posted by boatpoor

In S.C. that is legal on Private Lands, BUT, illegal to do on WMA Lands. On WMA Lands you can NOT use a tail fan or a decoy with a tail fan for hunter concealment in any fashion.
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