What boat to consider

I've been fishing a Scout 175 Sportfish for 18 years. I re-powered it in 2017 and and put a new aluminum trailer under it in 2018. It has a power pole, Garmin Echomap and a hand controlled trolling motor. Its always been under cover, I've maintained it....babied it . Its a great boat but my needs are changing.

I'm 70 and less nimble with bad back. Moving into and around a boat isn't easy for me. A new trolling motor would help. However, the Scout really is not designed for the footprint of the a self deploying trolling motor.

So its boiled down to this:

1) Just start fishing with a guide

2) another boat .....something around 18'

3) Just keep what I have

I need help with option 2. What are your opinions about aluminum bay boats? I've looked at Excel and G3. Seem to be roomy but I expect the ride will be rougher than the Scout. The fishing platforms and seats are nice.


I would think that Scout would have a way better ride than a Alum Bay boat. If you got back problems I wouldn't move to something that has a harder ride.
I have a bow mount Hand Controlled trolling motor & it has a pretty big foot print, definitely bigger than the self deploying ones. Also you should be able to go with a shorter shaft than a hand controlled one would need.
Check out this video, about half the mounting area is hanging off the boat so cuts that area in half.
I would do some research on those because I know some people have had issues with them not working properly at times.

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For a boat, you didn't mention your budget. I'd look at something wide and stable with a sharp entry for a soft ride.
For a trolling motor, the MinnKota Ulterra would be exactly perfect for you. Self deploy. They are great.

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You can have a mount built for a the self deploy Min Kota that will work on the scout, I built one for my wailer out of alu. sheet and glued and riveted it on. I have a bad back and at 74 I fish as much as I can. Take 2 Tylonal and rub down with biofreeze and go!
Thanks. You people have allowed me to see that I can mount the ulterra on my Scout in a fashion that works and does not look bad.

Now to Ulterra questions. I've heard a lot of rumors about their reliability. Ivecalso heard they are getting better. Any info on that?
I have heard the same, bad but getting better.
I would say if you do go with one check on the warranty. Also find a dealer that you might be able to deal with direct rather than going thru Minn Kota if you do have a warranty issue.
Do as Reeldrag said!
Go speak to the folks at Charleston Marine. They are the area's authorized Minn Kota service center. They have told me the newer Ulterras are much improved. Ralph has one and its been great for a year now.

1966 13' Boston Whaler "Flatty"
2018 Sportsman Masters 207
www.eyestrikefishing.com #predatorsstriketheeye
I have had a couple of minor issues with mine. Fortunately it's still under warranty.
Definitely Charleston Marine. Outstanding service and fast turnaround. I live in North Myrtle Beach & have a couple service centers a lot closer but well worth the drive.

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Charleston Marine put my current TM on and they will do the next. Thanks for the feedback.