Best monofilament for SS650

What mono do you like in the 25 lb range ?

2017 Carolina Skiff j14
2017 Suzuki 20 hp tiller

I primarily use Yozuri Hybrid now on baitcasters when I want a "mono" type of line, otherwise use braid.

On spinning gear, I prefer Ande, but will also use Berkley Big Game.

The only other mono I'll use is in lighter test, 4 to 8 for panfish, usually Ande, or Silver Thread, but Trilene is OK too.

As I've gotten older, I try to get lines that I can see easily, so the Fl Yellow, or "Solar" if available. I can see the smoke color Hybrid pretty well, and either pink or yellow Ande are easy to see.

I've never noticed that these colors have any detrimental affect on catching fish.
I'm a mono user almost exclusively, except if I NEED more than 17# test, then I will spool up braid. But as far as brands I will agree with bigjim, Ande Back country and Berkley Big Game is all I use these days. And far lighter test, for me that's fresh water under 12#, I gotta' go when original Stren.
Thanks for y’all’s info , I’m going to try the Ande Back Country.

2017 Carolina Skiff j14
2017 Suzuki 20 hp tiller