Been a couple years, but put in a garden this year

Took couple years off but really loved those fresh veggies!

Last time I only planted tomatoes and squash. The Aphids (first time ever) destroyed my tomatoes....****!

Sooo, planted mators, squash, cukes, Okra, eggplant and corn, with 4 different types of peppers.

I soaked my Okra seeds for the first time and put in small cups (56) as I can till and immediately get the jump on any weeds that like to choke em out.

As for corn, my go to feed and seed didn't have Silver Queen, but had Silver King that they swore to as just as good or better....

Anyone ever grown the Silver King?? First time I've heard of it.

Thanks and hope no aphids this year.

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If anyone needs any figs, you are welcome to come pick some from my place in about two-three weeks. We have one of the largest fig trees in the state and there's probably 10,000 baby figs on it today.

"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017Originally posted by 23Sailfish

That's cool! Dad has a couple of nice ones, I've not had much success with fig trees. I've got one that I get a few off each year. Got any pics you're willing to share?
Well, the deer ate the tops of our pepper plants and some of the squash before the leaves got big enough to be really prickly. We potted the rest of the peppers and moved them to the deck. Man, I am starting to hate deer. If I was a bow hunter...……………………………………...

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They got me Friday night. All my butter peas, cucumbers, Watermelons, Okra and chomped a bit on some Potatoes. I was pretty ticked off and the wife just laughed and said I should have known better than not to have a fence up. Safe Haven is what she says about deer around the house. I say wait till she's not home.

Hey OTC, if I looked like that, I'd never leave home.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?