Fished in Coosawhatchie and little Salkahatchie today,water is still running a little hard for me,not high,but not quite right for me,saw 3 boats in Coosawhatchie,none at Salkahatchie landing on #63 by Snider's, caught only a few at both places.

You can't catch fish on a dry line

Thanks for the report, figured it might have been better than that around the moon. Nice to know the parking was easy though- hardly a spot to be had at the saltwater ramps I use around Chucktown lately.

Planning on going at least once next week, still covered in sawdust from finishing a new floor and bow plate in the metal boat. Rigged and ready, cant wait.
Coming to and from the Nixville area by Hampton Yesterday saw several people fishing the bridges and one old boy up from Sniders had caught a couple. Water still too high IMO. Dropping quickly though.

Man the devastation from the tornado that went through that area is terrible! One of the foresters actually found someone's boat in the middle of a blown over stand. No houses for miles.