Finally getting somewhere, no one here could explain Obamagate


C/p The American public are being played by their own intelligence agencies and corporate media with covert agendas that are deeply anti-democratic.


This is getting interesting! Listening this morning to Senator Johnson, looks like they are waiting for some documents that the FBI has buried deep or possibly destroyed. Looks like many names are coming to light. Sad thing is, hard to prosecute the people that normally do the Prosecuting. They know all the tricks of the trade. They have been in cover up mode longer than Hillary was with her E-mails.

Pure speculation, but after this election is over and Trump takes his second term the gloves will come off and he'll force the hand of the Rino's unwilling to subpoena people.
Cp That’s why, as a prosecutor, you save a liar like John Brennan for last. He can’t help you because you can’t rely on what he tells you.

So your interview is not done for the purpose of helping your case.

And you do it in Virginia and not DC because of what you plan to do next.


More winning...... Muslim Brennan’s religion encourages him to lie to the infidels

While Criminal Joe Kamala shower praise on peaceful protesters killing Trump supporters and they continue to coordinate with antifa/BLM rioters along with Democratic mayors their crimes against the Trump administration are being exposed by real investigators


Obama Biden for prison, LOCK THEM UP
Cell phones accidentally wiped clean


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And Gen. Flynn spends every dime he has on lawyers. Justice IS BLIND...to some.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman
If the Obama-Biden DOJ did nothing wrong, what do Democrats have to worry about?


Sure would be interesting to uncover what Mueller tried to cover up


Binney is the same tech wizard that says the DNC computer was downloaded to a thumb drive, care to guess who did that?
What still gets me on this one is the 30 phones that all came up smashed when asked for. That in itself should be a clear indicator of Criminal activity.