Finally getting somewhere, no one here could explain Obamagate


Don’t see Obama’s name on the list???


must be saving him for the kill shot???

these community organizers messed with the wrong Patriots

Obama and Biden should be put in those cages Obama built to hold illegal border jumpers until a Trump appointed judge hears the Obamagate case


Obama and Biden should be put in those cages Obama built to hold illegal border jumpers until a Trump appointed judge hears the Obamagate case

Outrageous!Originally posted by Bayrider

SOB! What a gem that needs to be put out there for All Americans to see. I just got respect for Ted Cruz.

This should be the top news story instead of the staged riots that have taken over the Wuhan bug "crisis". The FBI was used as the personal research arm of the DNC, they all "thought" Hillary was gonna be the next president and never thought any of this would be brought to light. Just imagine if Trump did what Obuma and Biden did. Doctoring documents, wearing wires, etc

Let's see if Bob comes on calling this video fearmongering... ~
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Barr and Durham are such great investigators


they could find out if PolyCuck said stop it brah or keep on it feels good and I like it

also probably why the half white Kenyan ain’t flapping his gums

Harambe time baby!
DOJ orders Flynn case to be dropped because evidence shows entrapment set up by Obama’s administrators


Leftist judges won’t comply


Biden is complicit in the set up

Now we know why Pencil Neck barred republicans from his secret impeachment scam and the Democrats and their operatives withheld exculpatory evidence. They were protecting Obama and Biden from being charged with treason. Look at what they’re still trying to do to Flynn, do you wonder why? Because he has all the answers that will convict them so they can’t allow him to speak but Trump has a plan to put them all in prison.



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I completely understand. Biden has memory issues. His ability to forget important things is one of his qualities that will make him a good president. Just ask Hillary if she can recall.



No, many military choose not to vote because they are too lazy to.
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It is now irrefutable that in early 2017 (and, before), the Obama Administration via its people in the FBI attempted to entrap a member of the incoming Trump Administration. This was an attempted coup de tat'. No ifs, and, or buts.


In Strzok's own hand writing, documentation that Obama and Biden participated in, if not directed, the effort.

Cliff's Notes
FBI tries to entrap Flynn by illegally listening to his phone calls with foreign ambassador (completely within Flynns legal purview and responsibility at the time).
The agents that look into the call and later interview Flynn about the call conclude nothing wrong. Matter should be dropped.
Their bosses, including Obama/Biden/Comey/etc, decide to continue the investigation in order to entrap Flynn.

Strzok keeps records of the meetings and supplying proof of the conspiracy.
Strzok's notes are now public.

DNC candidate for President is up to his neck in this and we now have literal written proof.

If people do not suffer prosecution and jail for this, we are not a nation of laws.

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