WTB - Small Skiff

Looking for a starter skiff for some young boys to learn to fish. Prefer a console, fiberglass. I am having trouble find new boats, maybe everyone building bigger boats now days. I am thinking something in the 15-17' range.

Look for Gheenoes. They come as tillers and as consoles.

I am not a fan of a lot of moving pars so I went with a tiller steer, 16ft, poling platform, 20hp Tohatsu, and trailer for less than 9K... Mine isnt for sale but just to give you an idea. Good used ones go for between 4K and 7K

Check em out and I have seen a few for sale in Charleston as well.

Gheenoe LT 25
"Christie Belle"

If they are learning and have little experience. I would go with an Alweld VV Marsh Series they sell them at Charleston Marine in North Charleston. Aluminum is much more forgiving with little upkeep....And these boats ride incredible for their size. I have the 15' with a 25 yammy tiller and have had no problems fishing the jetties with it.

Gheenoe is going to limit what they can do and are not a very stable fishing platform just my .02 cents. I have owned several 14-16' Carolina Skiffs and they are decent for what they are, but they are extremely wet and ride rough.
If you must have fiberglass,check out high tide boats but I’m like fish crazy,aluminum boat is hard to beat.Remember that you lose a lot of room with a console.
My son it getting ready to sell his 16 ft Carolina Skiff with a console and 40 HP Yamaha. If you are interested PM me.

He must Increase,but I must decrease. John 3:30

He must Increase,but I must decrease. John 3:30
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