Looking to troll for more than mackerel

I know this is a long shot but I was looking at charters but figured I would try here first since I frequent this site. My fishing buddy is PCSing overseas and we are trying to plan an offshore trip before he leaves. We have been wanting to troll way out for mahi and wahoo but never caught a good enough weather day in his 21’ and I wouldn’t even think it in my 18’. We have trolled for king mackerel quite a bit Even fished a tournament last year so we are not completely green, but wanted to try something different that we have never done before. Anyone who may have room for us between 17th and the 27th of June please pm me. We will pay for more than our share of gas and bring as much beer and water as you desire. Our schedules are also pretty lax with everything going on so we should be able to slide around to hit the best weather days. Thanks for reading I know this is a long shot!

Palm beach 181 whitecap 115merc
Lowe 170 70hp

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