1000# tiger shark.

In the last two weeks i have shark fished extremely hard and finally it all came together. We had 7 lines in with James having two, Noah 3 and me 2 and there all lined up and we're waiting to hear a reel scream or see a glow stick move. Well I don't remember if Noah's rod moved or reel screamed but as I walk toward my 80wide and passed his rod I noticed my rod shook a little like I was about to get a run and as I walk up to it he hooks up on one of his rods right behind me. I get to my rod and I can tell a sharks messing with it so I pick it up with no belt or harness and get ready to feed it line. I let it run in free spool and then push up the drag to set the hook after a short run. The hook sets and it starts pulling 30 or 40#s of drag easily and I know it's a good shark right away, at least 8ft. I bump the drag up to strike to find out how big it is, which at strike is at least around 60#s of drag and this stops every fish I have ever caught. The only things to pull this much or more drag on my rod has gotten away do to pulled hooks and popped lines. This fish pulls drag at strike for a solid hundred yards maybe even like 300yds, just steady and strong run and I know this is the biggest fish I have ever had on with a legit chance to fight and land it. His run slows to a stale mate with him making short runs and then me turning him and making short gains only to repeat this process several times. James hooks up and he's got a shark on, so all three of us have on sharks at the same time and it's every man for himself. So I'm pinned to the edge of the holding on to a giant with nothing but me and the rod vs the fish. My arms are on fire and my waist and thighs are bruised from the rod but and James appears and he has lost his fish and I tell him I'm on big and need a belt. He gets me a belt but doesn't get it on good so it's only half as effective as it should be. I this time I got to take a seat on the beach and fight it from the sand to get some relief from the strain. James goes and helps Noah land a 7 ft class bull and they get it dehooker and released and come back to help me. James gives me his harness to use but it doesn't fit that well and one of the clips are slipping from the pressure so I'm still holding the rod some but I am locked in and the fish has settled down in to a tug of war match.
Several times he would shake and turn towards me and I'd think that I lost him and reel like crazy and hope he was there and the line would come tight and he would pull again. Somewhere about a half HR in I can feel my line chaffing on stuff and he has ran around the corner on the beach so I think my line is across the beach dragging and I Sprint in the harness reeling as fast as I can keeping full pressure on not to lose the fish and I gain a lot of line because I ran a long ways down the beach like this. Add in the fact I had on swim trunks, long pants, short sleeves and long sleeves to keep the the bugs off and because it was kind of cold and then we had off and on storms so I had wadders and boots on and a rain jacket too, I was so hot and worn out at this point I knew I had to past the rod to have something for when we land the fish. I put Noah in the harness and he immediately says wow this is a monster and I'm stripping out my wadders and stretching my legs and arms trying to recover. He fights it for what feels like 30 minutes or so of just tug of war and for the last 10 we could see my line chaffing and switched off back to me on the rod. I think we both were thinking if anyone loses it, I should be the one to loose it, at least I was. We followed it down the beach to a jettie a and Noah is trying to untangle my line out the rocks in the dark with waves smashing in and minimal lighting and I hear, there it is, it's a huge tiger. I look at it and get a quick glance but not at a good angle and it looks about 8ft. All I can think of is what the hell had this little thing in it's mouth, pulling so dam hard. I get in closer and see it's absolutely massive. A 12ft plus grander. We measured it and took some photos and then the tough part getting it back in. Because the jetties hang up and the waves this fish was up shallower then I would off took it and it was hard to move. I dragged the 10'4 around with 1 hand last time and I couldn't hope to move this fish by myself. It took Noah and I giving everything we had and using the waves and timing our pulls to inch this fish to deeper water to releas it. We took about ten minutes reviving it in the waves and it was slow to come around but when it came to life and swam off it felt great. I would never want to kill something this big or have one die on me and for a minute I thought both had happened. It was a relief to see it recover. I'm in the big boys club now, the grander club.

Eye of the tiger. My right leg isn't touching the ground because I couldn't stand over it and lift it's head with both feet on the ground

To past the rod with the best fish of your life is tough, it takes trust and desperation. Noah putting in work.

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Great story and great shark hats off to you sir