defunding the Police

Y'all heard the latest knee Jerk B.S.? Our big Democratic led cities are actually listening to the thugs begging to do away with all Police! Can you imagine the anarchy that would ensue if our Police officers were done a way with? These are the men and women that know these communities better than anyone and the thugs want to have them removed. Why? To commit more crime, not because they are scared of them. How about some Federal funding for training even more officers to put in these areas. These thugs with the bully pulpit of the Main Stream media and the unwarranted "glorification" of the Floyd tragedy, are trying to convince America that ALL law officers are bad. I remember Clinton saying that he would provide money and training for law officers when he had the huge reduction in the Military (do more with less), never happened.

Maybe if we had more standardized Training for all Law officers and increased their presence in troubled neighborhoods, things like the Floyd tragedy wouldn't happen. Lord knows we needed more officer to STOP the Looting and Rioting that they were told to let happen by their elected leaders.

Cp Americans pay tax dollars to help public radio promote riots and send a reporter to a BLM gathering to allegedly interfere with an arrest. NPR should be removed from the taxpayer's teet immediately.

Bay, I still listen to NPR from time to time... It is truly sickening how biased they are and funded by tax payers. Once in a blue moon someone will slip on and defend Trump only to be shut down quickly.
It looks to me it's getting pretty close to the time to circle the wagons.shooting police officers and then protesting outside the hospital screaming Hope you die.
If these low lives weren't committing crimes and then not complying they would not get shot..

It's not going to be long these police are going to throw their hands up and say the hell with it. And could you blame them?

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Democrat controlled city asks a profound question
Democrat controlled city asks a profound question posted by Bayrider

What do these idiots expect after defunding Police? Sad thing is for all the honest hard working people there trying to make a life and living.
The left makes a sheet show out of everything they do. They are like kids looking for attention by acting out. What they all need is a swift kick in the ars.

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Law and order in republican controlled state

Cp Judd was once asked by a local reporter why a known cop killer was shot 38 times in an exchange of gunfire during his arrest… Judd replied: “because that’s all the bullets we had.”

haters and Marxists feel free to vacation in Chicago, NYC, Portland or Seattle
Drumpf, defunding America with debt!


No, many military choose not to vote because they are too lazy to.
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