Price creek through Bull Narrows to Bull Creek

Does any one navigate through Bull Narrows to Bull Creek from Price Inlet? On the Top Spot Maps they have 4ft. at each end of Bull Narrows but nothing listed in-between the two locations. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry

01 Scout 177 w/ 150 hpdi

There are a couple of really shallow places but very navigable depending on the draft.
Hey Reelescape, I can go 2 feet with trolling motor or less. Thanks for the help. Also I keep a Super Stick on boat if I need a push. Will give it a go next time I am up that way.
Thanks, Larry

01 Scout 177 w/ 150 hpdi
You should be fine with that set up, been through at various tides without issue. One little stretch where at dead low it looks scary but it's slightly deeper on one side so if you can try to identify the first time you go.

Also if you're coming from the ICW, check out Bing maps, shows the Bull Island ferry route.
AA-thanks for your input

01 Scout 177 w/ 150 hpdi
Get on plane and turn off your depth finder. I’ve been through there at dead low tide and there are places that were 18 inches. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed any oysters in the middle. It’s scary for sure. Especially if you’re looking at your depth finder!