which is better

motor guide ix5 or minkota?

I've had both & i like min kota bettet. Quality has been better & not ss bulky feeling.

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I have both. I like Minn Kota simply because there is no local repair places in Charleston for Motorguide. You have to drive to Jacksonville to get a Motorquide worked on.

He must Increase,but I must decrease. John 3:30

He must Increase,but I must decrease. John 3:30
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I have the Motorguide XI5. It integrates with my Simrad display. I had to take it up to Carol in Florence about a year ago and she got it working again no questions asked under the standard warranty.

I'd buy it again just for the Simrad integration. I can control everything from that display...trolling motor, power pole, stereo, etc.
C Tackle - There is a lady in Florence that works on Motor Guide. I can't remember her name but her and her husband own Caiman outdoors. He makes 1 man Fiberglass boats, she works on the trolling motors. They are a warranty center for Motor Guide. She has worked on my Minn Kota (non warranty) and she does excellent work and very good customer service.

Just an FYI