Maybe it isn't just me

Used to see big Mahi and loads of pelagic fish caught off Savannah back in the 80's when I moved here. Long way to go and wasn't much fishing pressure. You could sell some of your catch and pay for fuel...and have plenty left over. Then the long liners showed up in the 90's and they dropped rec limits and no selling of fish. I saw 3 long liners working different depths pulling up their lines with sails/Mahi/tuna...sharks. The amount of fish was shocking. They weren't just after swords/tuna.

Fast forward to today. The Gulf Stream seems empty. Sure you can catch a few scattered dolphin but no "schools" of big fish. Maybe it isn't just me:

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. How many boats did you see out there in the eighties. As a biologist tole me. We don't have a fish problem, we got a people problem.
The GPS has been a game changer! Every 20 plu ft. boats thinks they are a sports fisher!