Can’t remember nothing lol

I have a question because it is driving me crazy. Anyone remember the name of the party boat captained by Randolph Scott out of Shem creek? To my knowledge there has been several, I’m speaking of the last one.

Thanks, I hate getting old.

Carolina Clipper
Randy Scott also captained the Gulf Stream 1and 2. The Carolina clipper was sold after Randy’s passing to Billy Knight and I served as alternate Captain on overnight trips and when Billy needed a day or a week off . The head boat business was killed by regulations via the SAFMC. No one would pay the ticket price to catch 5 BSB and 5 bliners
Remember the Mustang and the JJ,always went out once or twice a year and had some good times.Don’t forget the Thunderstar,it was the fastest.
Those were the good ol days! Have gone out on all 4 of them boats. The GS2 and the T-star the most. Use to go at least once or twice a summer. Got a bunch of fish over those rails. First trips was ARS and Groupers for while. Last couple times out was most Pink Snappers and a Tile or Grouper now and then. The limits and regs killed that.

J Ford