2006 Yamaha 70 HP 2 Stroke

Pulling this engine off a 15’ whaler I just bought and have decided to sell the engine as part of the project. Engine runs strong and is clean and in good overall condition. can be sea trialed prior to removal which will be in the next month or so.. 20” shaft
Prop/controls not included but can be bought for additional cost if needed.
Email is zmhatch77@gmail.com[file ]error[/file][file ]error[/file][file ]error[/file][file ]error[/file][file ]error[/file]
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I have a 2001 on my whaler,still runs very strong.I was thinking about putting a tiller motor on mine to save some room in the boat.I just didn't want to get rid of good running motor.Is there a high demand for these old 2 strokes? If I could get close to what you're asking ,I might sell mine ,steering wheel,controls and all.Good luck .

At least the two-strokes are something you can work on.
Hell I'm lost as a blind queer at a weenie roast with my four stroke. I can change the plug s & oil that's about it.

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they are tough to find in good shape and new yamaha 4 strokes have gotten really pricey.. I would be keeping if I wasn't stripping the boat to paint and fully restore.
I have a really low hour 2002 of the same and it is a great motor. So easy to work on and maintain.

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