10/16 Bulls Bay North

Wind was down, gnats were up at Buck Hall. We arrived at low tide and got to our favorite (this year) spot to work the incoming tide. A little breeze was no trouble and kept the temperature pleasant. Water was stained with some debris from the recent high tides. We single pole, baited around the boat and started catching shrimp immediately after water started moving. This week the shrimp were a smaller mix, larges/medium about evenly split. Numbers were good for the first hour until the current was too much to get on the bait. Do the shrimp wash off of the bait with so much tide moving? We ended up with 12-15 quarts. Everyone came in at once so the landing was busy but people were doing well loading and moving.

It's nice to go out and catch shrimp every trip. Had a few bust days last year. Good luck y'all.

How long were y’all out?
We spent just less than 2 hours on the water. We have had enough fun by then and current was ripping.