Quick Dinner...

Tossed a couple of Crab pots in Friday evening up near Buck Hall. Pulled them Saturday afternoon before heading home. Them ( after being cleaned pre cooked ) and some Shrimp went into the steamer for dinner.
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That looks good,a lot better than deep fried marshhens.haha. I was hoping you all would get a few on that less than perfect tide. I didn’t want to be a naysayer either,I’m sure the next big tide will bring good luck.
Yeah, I didn't figure we would get but a few with the water being about 18" to low, but we had a good time learning some areas. We jumped one right off as we poled into a good looking spot...and she just watched it fly away. Asked her why didn't you shoot it? She said - Oh, is that what we are hunting? Heard many right close to us everywhere we tried, so Nov 14th...it's on.