Sidney Powell

Where is the evidence? That horse-faced biitch is so full of crap, her eyes been brown.........and she is big into QAnon? WOW! trump really has some hot-shot lawyers......crazy ones too!

This is great!

I can’t wait to watch the Biden trial when he won’t have a teleprompter or marriage vow breaker Jill to whisper his answer into his ear ,hahaha, you know he’s gonna throw the Kenyan under the bus to save his hair plugs .....absolutely wonderful and best Thanksgiving ever! thumbsUpthumbsUp

Now General Flynn is working with Sidney and he knows where they buried all the bodies

Lock them up lock them up lock them up
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Let the experts examine the voting machines

Dr. Keshavarz-Nia should be the expert everyone could agree on

Trump already has the evidence but it’s fun watching the cockroaches run

KAG on Patriots thumbsUp
Hey brah, the machines aren’t the problem! the sorry incumbent president was the problem ! People do not like the asshole!

They also make further, more far-fetched claims about the voting machines used in key states.
Ms Powell says the Dominion voting machine software used in Michigan and Georgia allows "computerised ballot-stuffing", and the machines were accessed by foreign agents to manipulate results in the US election.
There is no evidence of foreign interference in the 2020 US election, or votes being flipped.
There was an issue identified in one county in Michigan, but this was put down to human error and not a problem with the Dominion software. Election officials say the mistake was quickly spotted and corrected.
Ms Powell also says the Dominion software doesn't allow "a simple audit to reveal its misallocation, redistribution, or deletion of votes" - so the evidence is now "rendered virtually invisible".
But Dominion machines provide a paper ballot back-up to verify results, and Georgia conducted a hand recount of ballots which confirmed Joe Biden as the winner.
Oh no not Coonman too

this is gonna bring up the whole blackface wounds again which will cause Obama to put on his mom jeans and lead BLM over to Richmond to a lynching
I hope Sidney doesn't get "Epsteined".