What’s the word?

My dad is coming down this weekend and said he’d like to hit the surf. We usually go north end of folly. What’s the word. The bulls still around? Bait of choice?

Key West 186 DC

I gave it a good effort N. Folly a week ago about 4 and half hours, starting early in morning and didn't catch any reds. Only a small shark and ray. All my trips prior produced multiple fish on cut mullet. A couple of guys from Johns Island were next to me and pulled a goose egg. Good luck with your pop, I think the big reds have moved off shore, but you never know, could find a local lone wolf.thumbsUp
I fished Thurs/Fri on Hilton Head. Lot of whiting, couple of rays, 1 shark. All on cut mullet. Tried fresh shrimp on a rod and nothing while catching with cut mullet. My buddy caught a few whiting; 1 on shrimp bites and a couple on cut whiting. Bite was consistent 2 hours before to low tide to 1 hour after and then again last 2 before high tide.

I put out some mullet rigs as well hoping for a bull and had one with 1/2 the mullet that I figure was crab as he ate around the hooks.