11 wt Meridian or 10 wt Sector?

i have a 9 wt Sector for permit. I want to get a backup rod for windy days and if we see a tarpon. I have a chance to buy an 11 wt Meridian for $600 or do I spend $385 more and get a new 10 wt Sector, which I really can’t afford. I guess the real question: is the 11 wt too much rod for permit on windy days? And is the 10 wt Sector not enough rod for adult tarpon. I definitely can’t afford both rods. I have a 10 wt Mangrove as a backup permit now but struggle when wind really blows on longer casts. Should I wait & try to find a used 10 wt Meridian? very few used Meridians out there right now, everyone seems to be hanging on to them. I could buy the 11 wt Meridian and take the Mangrove, have all three in the boat. What would you do?