They Call 'em RockFish Up There,,,,

,,,had a chance to fish some different waters lately. Learned some new tricks, especially about larger planner boards or yeller birds as we used to call them. Anyway, it was a good trip as we shot some stuff too, but thats a story for another day.

By the way, all fish were released, some back into the water, some into the box.

Enjoy the show

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Nice !!!!
Thanks for the Pics
Those fillets look familiar just thicker
Hey do you think the saltwater fish have any different tast than the fresh?
Love fishing the planers!! That's some bigg'uns!!smile
Nice !!!!
Thanks for the Pics
Those fillets look familiar just thicker
Hey do you think the saltwater fish have any different tast than the fresh?
Originally posted by Tarpoon

The ones we catch in Murry and these (caught in the Chesapeake Bay) are similar in looks, but the flesh of the salt stripers is much firmer and the larger ones from the salt don't tend to be as mealy. Honestly if you beer batter them up, give them a proper grease bath, and serve with bbq cole slaw and tarter sauce it's hard to tell much difference.

Ate striper growing up in RI and it was great. I ate one from the Saluda (when I was going to that school with the chicken mascot), and I swear it tasted just like a gizzard shad. At least what I imagine gizzard shad would taste like, since I've never eaten one. Never killed another striper out of the river after that.

I've got a local pond that is stocked with Hybrids. Nothing that size!! Nice!

One way I love to eat rock fish. Chunk in 1" cubes. Boil some water add some old bay and lemon. Gently drop chunks into water and gently fish them out after a min or two. Melts some "real" butter ( I love Kerrygold) with some oldbay, garlic powder, lemon juice, and parsley in it and drizzle over the cooked fish.... Mock lobster. Pretty darn good imo. There are a bunch of youtube videos on it.
i know a couple have been caught out of the Asheepoo recently. Dad used to get em from a dude that "caught" them out of the Combahee. That was 40 odd years ago and I've recently learned a net was used to catch them. That guy is long dead so no worries for future disrespect of DNR laws. smile Used to see them all the way up in the Big and Little Salkehatchie. Not sure that happens any more? Or I've not heard of any being caught in many years that far up.
I know of some caught in the Cooper recently. My youngest lost a stud on a small reel couple days back.

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We've got some nice ones up here in Little River. Waterway, marinas, docks. They love to hang out under docks.
You can find live bait back there quite often in the winter time. We we're in there looking for bait last winter. Something crashed some bait under the bridge. Wife flipped a grub up under there. Turned out to be a 30" striper. Caught quite a few small ones down around light keepers.

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