Stoped by platts on my way home.
Told me about a fellow bringing in a couple of stripers in.
17 lb & 13 lb..
All he said was caught them under a dock.
Rain or shine I'm getting on the water this weekend. It's been 2 months.
Bioguy. I still haven't forgot about you.
I'll get over there and get my GPS and get some pictures of my numbers.

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.

22 life's a day
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You got lucky

No worries. I haven't fished since early January. Went out of Murrells Inlet to the 10 and 11 mile reefs and they were loaded with BSB, mostly shorts with a few keepers, and other smaller bait stealers. Stopped at the reef closer to the inlet and caught a 24" Flounder.

I also caught a few striper, under 24" in mid December out of Little River along some docks. They are fun to catch.

Waiting for some better weather before heading back out.
Hey Craig, I've caught quite a few large stripers under our neighborhood dock. You might be able to figure out which neighborhood it is by my screen name. Or PM me and I'll tell you which dock it is.