5.56 / .223 Ammo For Sale

20 rounds Winchester 5.56x45 62 grain M855 FMJ green tip
20 rounds Independence 5.56x45 55grain FMJ
1000 rounds Federal 5.56x45 55 grain XM193 FMJ MC BT
420 rounds Federal 5.56x45 62 grain FMJ Ball XM855L C1 AC1 in a .30 cal can, on stripper clips
200 rounds HPR .223 Remngton 55 grain FMJ
150 rounds Freedom Munitions .223 Remington 77 grain HPBT New manufactured

1000 Federal 55 grain were bulked packed in a plastic bag in a box from the manufacterer , don't have that anymore

Total of 1,810 rounds

Want to sell as a lot

$ 1500
Located in Goose Creek

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Price firm? Would you be willing to split up?
I'd really prefer to get it gone all at once if possible. Could drop it to $1400
I might be interested in just the 5.56
I guess I can split it up by caliber

.223 $200 350 rounds

5.56 $1200 1,460 rounds
.223 has been SOLD

5.56 down to $1,100 for 1,460 rounds
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All Sold
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Times are tough....

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"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017