Sunday 10/29

08/05/20 6:25


Sunday 10/29
10/02/19 18:51

Went out to Georgetown Hole looking for Wahoo or BFT. Seas were supposed to be 1-2 feet at 17 seconds then 3 at 17 seconds but they were much tighter going out. Found a nice weed line that produced 7 Mahis in the 22-32 inch range, and a 50 inch Wahoo. The Wahoo sliced off my cedar plug and my (200 pound) planer line before it hooked on a skirted Ballyhoo on wire leader. Return trip probably was 18 second wave period. Beautiful ride. Also saw all those tunas drterry posted about. They were all over the place feeding on the surface. Think they were little Albacores. We spend half an hour trying to get some but I think our spoons were too big. Here is a picture of the Wahoo:

Daniel Weinstock


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10/07/19 2:35

Assuming you meant 9/29. We fished that day as well and the seas were definitely tighter until about 11am. We ran south and came up empty on ‘hoo.

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