Looking for kings

03/01/21 16:37


Bayou boy
Looking for kings
08/21/20 22:37

I have not ever targeted Kings in Charleston. Any newbie advice you all can share? Looking to head out Tuesday afternoon for a few hours.

And I tried to search the site, but it keeps giving me error messages


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08/22/20 9:38

Live bait is key. Load up on menhaden if you can find them. Slow troll them on double treble hook rigs around structure, bait, or if you see Spanish breaking. Troll as slow as your boat will go. Have the drags set light. Once hooked up dont crank the drag down either. Easy to pull hooks. You can buy the treble hook rigs at Haddrell's. Also best of your reels are loaded with mono instead of braid. The stretch helps with not pulling hooks on the strike.

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