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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Mon May 03 2021

May 2 - Surprise Fish

Took my daughter for her first trip ever past the sound, along with a friend of hers and my wife. Daughter a bit nervous about being out so stayed close. Also, a little bumpy for a first trip. Fished Edisto 40, water temp 69.5. Wanted to do more catching than fishing and let the girls actively fish. So, started right away with jigs/spoons. Plenty of bluefish and Spanish mackerel around to keep every busy and having fun. Fish pretty well scattered on the reef, not all on one or two pieces of structure. Caught a few oddball fish as usual, including one undersized flounder on a spoon. The surprise of the day was both girls caught good sized redfish, not what I expected in 45 feet of water in May. Measured one at 28, the other seemed about the same. Nice fight in deeper water on light tackle. Things slowed down in by 2 or so. Wet but very short ride home.
Mon May 03 2021

Weekend Report

Got out for a couple hours on Saturday and got skunked but returned to the water early (for me) on Sunday morning. Fished the dock area of Safe Harbor Marina, Port Royal on the last of the dropping tide. I had seen some redfish there Saturday during the evening low tide but couldn't find any Sunday morning. I did get this nice 18 inch trout on a trout eye jig head and the ZMan paddle tail in Redfish Toad color. After that I made my way up the shore line looking for the redfish w/ no luck. I saw bunches of mullet though and most of them were pretty big. Occasionally, something would chase them but I still couldn't get a bite. Just after the slack with the water moving slowly in I caught a 12 inch flounder in a creek mouth on the same bait. He really inhaled it. The hook went through his mouth and then got turned around and hooked into him again from the outside. After that I went to the end of Cat Island to look for the redfish and complete the slam but again no luck. The water was still really low and I couldn't find them. Also the wind was picking up and blowing into the shore. That churned up the water and turned it really muddy. I will be back out there next weekend.
Wed Apr 28 2021

Stono Reds

I've had success lately with several different baits around structure on the bigger reds. Dead shrimp, frozen mullet, quartered blue crab all have caught fish this past week. The fresh blue crab appears to be the best for me. Top half of the incoming as been better than other tides. I even saw my first tailer of the year! Looking forward to fishing more this summer with the new boat. Get out there and get on some fish
Hookem CHS
Mon Apr 26 2021

April 23rd Wahoo and Mahi

Headed out of Remleys around 5am and we were definitely not the first to head out. Probably already 10 trailers in the lot and three making ready. As we headed out Cape Canaveral had a launch and we watched the rocket shoot across the horizon and saw the booster release it was amazing. Ran at 40mph headed south and saw boats working Edisto banks at . We made the decision to hunt mahi and head to a temp break. Temps rose fast to 74.5 and we saw a bird over a scattered weed line on a rip/current seam. Decided to drop lines and pithing 10 mins boom big knock down and had our first wahoo of the season on. Wasn't a huge one slightly over 20lbs. Then not too long later had a mahi hit the flat line. Had two more knock downs and one mahi jumped and bit the line and another knock down was a mystery fish and also bit through the line. Bite shut off around 10 and nada till 1 so we picked up and ran in and got some bottom critters. Trigger, b-liners and some banded rudders came home too. Good day flat seas running in at 35mph.
Sat Apr 24 2021

April 23 - Edisto Banks

Forecast was for little waves on big interval and decided to head to Edisto Banks area. Not smooth exactly but 30+ kts ride out and back. Must have been a "flat water flu" epidemic because everyone else went fishing too. Heard on radio a fair bit of complaining, "one skipjack," and some good news, "seven good fish in the box." One report of a good rip north of us and further out but reporter said it had 70 boats on it. Since these are the words of fishermen, all likely to be at least partially untrue. Did see one nice blackfin come over a transom of another boat. Would be nice to get reports from some of the many boats out with more experienced captains. There were 12 or so boats in the immediate area we fished, all but one trolling. No weed line or temp break, just on structure. Temps 68 - 70, still pretty cool. Minimal weed in the area, didn't see flying fish, no birds around, seemed quiet. We did hear there was temp break further out but that was farther than we wanted to go. Tried a different trolling set up and quickly picked up half a very nice kingfish (thanks Mr. Tax Man) and then a good size barracuda. The barracuda is a heartbreaker because at first you think kingfish and then its not. The new trolling set up wasn't perfect so while trying to stay clear of other boats created the mother of all tangles. Since I am the only crew on our boat that does rigging or boat driving decided to switch to jigs and bait, make life easy and catch some fish. Had a great time and put plenty in the box for us two. Big vermillion and red porgy and odds and ends. My first long spine squirrelfish. Battled a few sharks and also tried to keep them away. At one point, played tease the shark with half a fish to save wife's fish on the way up - it worked.


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


The Blackwell True Value in Hanahan is now selling live bait like mud minnows crickets and worms. Maybe they will eventually have fiddlers and such as well, we shall see. Rumor has it they scored the bait tanks from Duncan's since their closure. Blackwell True Value Hardware Store & Building Supply (843) 747-9651 Fishing Nerd "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else." ...well, some fishing too!


We will see what we come up with, we’re going for Spades but hauling all the gear for regular bottom fishing and maybe a little trolling report to follow.


Tue Apr 27 2021

Watching and listening to the show Unfathomed over the weekend and Captain George Gozdz was in Charleston doing an episode called Chucktown Reds. He was fishing with local Captain JR Waits. Capt Waits stated that with the big bull reds you couldn't tell if they were male or female. Aren't the ones that drum males? Do they stop drumming when they get a certain size? Just wondering if that's really the case on big spottail? Anyone else catch the episode? Paging Barbawang... I tried to post this yesterday but damm forum wont let me post but once a day or something. Fishing Nerd "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else." ...well, some fishing too!

Sir Fish-a-lot

Hey guys and gals. Its been a while. I am looking to take my inlaws and family friends on a fishing charter out of Charleston. Im from the upper midlands area so I am not too familiar with Charleston charters. I have done two out of MB but this time would like to head out from Charleston. Inshore or offshore, it doesnt matter. Thanks


Thu Apr 22 2021

Curious how many headed out offshore tomorrow? nice one day window...

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