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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Mon Nov 29 2021

Slamming for the Thanksgiving

I'm Back after about a 5 month drought and no this is not Cam Newton. Finally got out these past couple weekend and found Reds up and down Bushy Park/ Cooper River. Slammed both weekend and topped it off this weekend with a Largemouth Bass. What a surprise to see that thick of a Bass Caught over 40+ fish at least and many trouts were small but managed 6-17" and a 19" Reds ranged from 23" to 13" only kept a few trout but that Bigboy swam away and too dropped a large trout at the boat trying to get my net but it put up a heck of a fight. Big trouts were caught the last couple hours of the falling tide and around 6 am or so. Put in at 5am due to how low Bushy get and froze until the sun got Hi But enjoyed the catch"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" 220 SeaFox Viper
Sun Nov 21 2021

StumpNocker copy cat - Youngen Style!

Beat the banks in the Cooper and stretched lines in the Wando......caught fish in all locations! Tide was coming in to high, delayed by like 2 hours before shifting to outgoing. That was a disappointment since we were limited to time on the water due to complaints here! Might not be as big as his but it triggered enough initiative to go wet a line!!!!! Youngen Style!"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!" 2008 Sea Pro 1900cc w/115 (2) Daughters that make the boys cry (1) wife that makes her husband take the kids outdoors to chase their dreams!
Fri Nov 19 2021

Feeding Frenzy

Took a half day and went to try our luck in my friends Scout 192 that we just completely rewired over the last months. Got out to a flat working the incoming with some shrimp and a split shot... just about the time we go to move spots, the bite goes off and doesn't stop until the sun went down! Water gin clear and 61 to 63. Lots of dinks thrown in with a few drag peelers to boot! Got my second biggest trout at 22.5 in and released him to catch another day. Wish I had him last Sat, would have gotten first instead of second in that trout tournament. Almost had a super slam with a small flounder up to the boat but he spit the hook on a shake right in my face. The weather and the fishing are unbeatable right now. Do yourself a favor and get out there! Fishing Nerd "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else." ...well, some fishing too!
Wed Nov 17 2021

Hot Trout Bite 11/13

Fished two hours of falling tide and the entire incoming this past Saturday. Caught 17 trout, mostly around 13-14 inches but a few in the 16-17 inch range. We caught them around grass points and oyster bars, on all kinds of artificial lures. We had the most luck on DOA shrimp under popping corks, but we also caught a few on swimming Trout tricks and one on a Gulp shrimp. A front blew in midway through Saturday and gave them lockjaw, but Sunday gave us another 20 trout. For whatever reason, the fish were much smaller on average on Sunday, averaging around 11 inches. The same tactics were producing though, so if you can get out there the artificial bite is hot. Tight lines y'all! "Only a fool thinks he knows it all."
Tue Nov 16 2021

Artificials really producing now

Found some scattered reds on a incoming tide mud flat looking for warmth. If you could see them, they would bite. On a side note, I went back the next day and it was very overcast and didn't get the first red, so there's certainly something to them being up on the flat on a sunny day this time of year. Also found the trout starting to stack up a little bit. Still pretty scattered around but I did manage 6 off of one dock. Caught 13 total, up to about 18". All released. If you can get out there, now's a great time of year. "Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Anyone have knowledge of the Shimano 2500 ULTEGRA FB vs ULTEGRA spinning reel? Looking for 2500/3000 for trout and reds.DRMajor


Tue Nov 16 2021

Any one seen any spanish and or little tunny at the Kiawah or Edisto reefs lately? ThanksYou can't catch fish on a dry line


Rumor has it that they bought the old Bi-Lo in West Ashley off of Sam Rittenberg for north of $6Mil. Personally I would love to see them come to WA, but my gut tells me that it might be what finally kills Haddrell's, so I'm torn. I've also heard that the Mt. P store will be closing down, although I have no factory connection, so I dunno.


Ok fishing discussion,,,,,, any tips for fishing Goose Creek Reservoir... hear that largemouth is there gonna try it, now to respond to the Subject Question,, what has happened, i have been gone for a while and before i left this was the forum to come to if you wanted info on fishing and rigs and boats and friends.. every day there was something positive to read and many things to read and enjoy. i learned so much,, I am saddened to find that is no longer the case, maybe one post a month or two, no one seems to care anymore. i am sorry if i have offended anyone because you can do that on the highway or telephone or restaurant or any other place , and that was not the case on this site, we had spirited discussions at times but all in good taste and fun. we could agree to disagree, but something has happened and i feel the comradery is gone and fishing has taken a backseat to politics and strong opinions. all i can say is please come back to fishing...... Some People Create Their Own Storms And Then Cry When It Rains!


from what I hear, some nice swords getting caught. numbers and size.... ? dammm I miss this sight. rolling down hill on a suicide mission. so many lost to a f'd up new tiresome format. Good Night All! Belly full of some Tuna, filleted fried red breast, Crown, and fantastic company.

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