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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Tue Mar 02 2021

February 28

First post ever on any forum, here goes. In 70 to 85 feet of water, water temperature 62.5, seas unusually calm. Smooth ride out and back. Caught 11 species of fish on variety of lures and bait. Squid pattern jig and old standby Hopkins spoon in gold did well. Highlight was large endangered species - ARS - that was hard to release but it went back in the water. Triggers, BSB, porgies, white grunt, Almaco jack, scup and others. No vermillion. As has been our typical experience, BSB's mostly keeper size in winter lots fewer dinks. One medium sized shark of unknown species but otherwise no problems. Pretty much every mark held fish so we had fun moving around to catch a variety for the cooler. No sign of mackerel of any type or bluefish. Hopefully will show up soon if we can get some warmer weather. Also went out on February 25 into about 120 feet with 65 degree water. This was a bit of a disappointment. Caught some fish but caught many Atlantic Sharpnose sharks and were cut off by more. Unfortunately, I did not know the species so treated as usual - release if you don't know what it is. Next time, will keep a bigger one since they are easy to distinguish and reportedly good to eat if quickly bled and gutted. Our 5th trip of the year, hope to go again Thursday if forecast holds.
Tue Mar 02 2021

The tide went out

Saturday was ridiculous. Everybody in the tri county was out worshipping our nearest star, causing me to be unable to access a public boat landing within the allotted time frame when semi-diurnal fluctuations around our nearest amphidromic point would have allowed the sequestration of certain choice bivalves. I was pissed. Yesterday was better. 3 trailers at the ramp, on my way to the mound I waved at one offshore commercial boat that appeared to be hiding from the wind. I could see the ocean from my first picking spot, 2 hours passed without another human sighting. Just my style. sea whip sitting dry on the bank. whelks trying their best to look like inanimate objects because they got caught with their proverbial pants down too. I got a slam full bushel of the lowcountry's finest, (**() near all big singles. Worst part was the wind slacked out when the tide did and the flying teeth came out to play for a few. TGFB (thank goodness for buffs). Sman, I'll report on the salt content when I find out. My youngest has already begged for a few dozen crispy fried for supper tomorrow.
Mon Mar 01 2021

Redfish Report from Beaufort

I made the trip to Beaufort to meet up with Houston Stewart YouTube: Beaufort SC Fishing to go after some overslot reds. The trip didn’t disappoint. We hooked into several slot and overslot redfish. We fished the outgoing tide and targeted bends in the creeks around oyster beds. We caught them on 1/8 oz jigheads with bass assassin paddle tails. Electric chicken was what we caught the biggest ones on but we also used chicken on a chain. I think together we landed between 7-8 fish in about a hour. How To Catch BIG Winter REDFISH in Beaufort, South Carolina
Sat Feb 20 2021

BIG Redfish in Beaufort

Met up with Beaufort SC Fishing and we got into a school of redfish in Beaufort. This made for a lot of fun on an outgoing tide and a very windy day. We were throwing artificials and trying to double up as soon as we hooked up on one. Here is the link to the video. Like and comment on the video. If you like what you see then you should subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you.
Wed Feb 17 2021

Trout report.

I went and fished a spot for trout in the kayak at low tide. When i turn the corner and see the spot there was a school of dolphins working it. I pulled up to the bank across from the spot and setup. This spot is pretty far back up in the creek so it takes a while for the tide to pick up. I ran out of light before the tide really got going. Trout prefer bite best in moving water in my experience so i kind of picked at them when the bite was tough between dolphins and tide. I caught 5 dinks and missed about 10 hits. You have to strike fast with a popping cork to catch trout, none of that rod holder special. I missed every bite i wasn't prepared for. Coming in the creek just before 5 and i saw a few mini schools of bait swimming. When leaving the bait was very active and there were tons of 1 inch bait on the surface. The small mud minnows worked the best, go figure. Besides the bait on the surface there was tiny minnows on the bottom and my bottom rod got crabbed 3 times water was close to 60. If you want action id fish small baits. Mirrordine mini, ned rigs, slim swims. Most minnow imitations under 3 inches should be good. If you got patience fish a mirrordine super slow for a trophy.


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Mon Mar 01 2021

We're taking a 30' CC up in a few weeks and before I started bugging people at the docks, I figured I'd see if anyone had a buddy or charter up there that they think might help us get in and out of the inlet. After doing some reading, I am not planning to attempt the inlet without an experienced buddy boat no matter the conditions. Any recommendations? follow the fleet out in the am and get on the radio? find a charter once I get there that might be willing to lead us out and back in? Thanks


I have a 1985 Montauk 17, classic model and I have always wanted to put in on the river in Columbia and cruise the Congaree to Lake Marion. Once there I want to spend the weekend at the State Park. Has anyone made this trip? Pointers? Deep enough water? Snags?


Tue Feb 23 2021

Wondering if anyone has had any luck catching sheepshead off the jetties or nearshore reefs. Really been wanting to get out and put the new boat on some fish and this seems like a very rewarding challenge.


Sun Feb 21 2021

I bought a new boat. I have been out of the game for almost fifteen years. I want to catch, keep and eat..... Inshore, Sharks, IE Bonnet Heads, Sharpnose. I want to Catch, Keep and eat near shore Sharks, IE... Black Tip, Spinners and Lemons. I want to catch, keep and eat Tuna, IE.... BlackFin. I want to catch, keep and use for bait Little Tunny. If I were to actually catch a lot of bottom fish, I would like to sell some of them? What Licenses and Permits do I Need???? Also, in the fresh water, I would like to sell catfish!!! What Licenses and Permits do I Need????


Sat Feb 06 2021

Hello All, has anyone ever caught sheepshead in the Ashley river? When crossing the bridge I saw some interesting spots.

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