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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Sat Sep 18 2021

After school therapy - Youngen Style

Well I have been watching the tide height and wind speed praying that I could make another late afternoon until dark trip sight fishing again with my youngen and since softball practice got cancelled the mad dash to the water was on. After calculating roughly 2 hours of light left I chose to head to a new area to me....and so it began. After pulling up to the flat we see someone already out there wading.....after seeing zero fish i said well pressure makes fish swim across a ditch and walah...... bingo! Found fish and more fish and more fish. The problem was that these fish would literally come up and almost kiss the bait and casually go back to feeding near the arties. This means high pressured fish. She made cast after cast after cast with 2 tried and true patterns but no takers....except a very nice size Whiting! Youngen Style"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!" 2008 Sea Pro 1900cc w/115 (2) Daughters that make the boys cry (1) wife that makes her husband take the kids outdoors to chase their dreams!
Mon Sep 13 2021

The fall bite is here.

Well it was one of those weekends that you just dream of. The weather was perfect and the fish cooperated nicely. From flood tide marsh flats covered with tailers to the juvenile fish showing up good in the creeks. The flood tide was nice and slow to enter the flat. Saw five fish total, casted at three of them. I had two takers, but one came unglued as he swam straight at me and spit the hook. Always a rush though! They were all fat healthy fish. The tides are great for the rest of the week. Get out there and get on em! Thanks to Peepod for the use of his secret spot. Plenty of bait in the creeks. I caught over 100 bait shrimp in about ten minutes, enough to last me the entire weekend. And I would need it too. The juvie reds and sheepshead were stacked up and hungry in the creeks. I even managed to get a flounder in between the live shrimp being battered. Easily caught a dozen reds between 12" and 22" and a dozen sheepshead on small shrimp. It was a fun filled weekend. Add in there a Gamecock win and an OSU loss and I felt pretty good about it.
Sun Sep 12 2021

My biggest Black Drum ever!

I caught this Black Drum by accident while fishing for whiting. Here's the full video: If you're not subscribed to the YouTube channel, now is a good time!
SC Fish Tales
Sat Sep 11 2021

Late Summer Big Boys - Wando River

Had a blast last week getting on the redfish. I fished the last two hours of the outgoing tide and first hour of the incoming. I saw over slot redfish chasing shrimp up in the shallows as I cruised along the banks, spooking many fish along the way. I finally found an area where they were feeding on finger mullet, so I matched the hatch and it paid off! All fish were caught on ZMan Minnowz (bad shad) with a 3/16 oz Texas Eye jig head. This grub color looks just like a mullet in my opinion. The reds were feeding ferociously and would hit it on the fall and on a steady retrieve as well. Here's the video of my trip. I hope you enjoy!
Tue Sep 07 2021

Labor Day slobs

Fished from sunup until 9 and the bigger fish cooperated. Incoming tide, cut crab near the grass in a foot to two foot of water. The smallest fish was 27"+. The Stono fish always seem to be that beautiful golden color. Its not something I get tired of. Home for breakfast and off the water before the real craziness started. "Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Hi guys Cubs here, gonna come next week or so and try some Redfish and Trout, can someone help with what creek to fish and maybe bait choices, thanks in advance


She’s for sale and local. Come get her. ...... Mike 2020 Gamefish 27 CB Twin Yamaha 200’s


Took our boat out and went fishing for the first time about in about 90ft of water on some spots on maps unique. Caught only a few keeper sea bass, 1 vermillion, 2 grunts, and 2 15 pound red snapper. I'm relatively new at fishing "offshore", have been out fishing at some live bottom in 60ft but would like to catch some grouper. We have a smaller center console, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on catching quality bottom fish in about 60-100 feet, and also on effectively anchoring on spots as I've had some trouble getting "right on the spot".


Sun Sep 05 2021

Anyone been seeing any out of N.Edisto? Thanks You can't catch fish on a dry line


Hey everyone. Haven't been in the group in a while. Been a busy life, traveling alot and switching up on jobs. Been doing alot of saltwater fishing down in Panama City Beach.Just realized I haven't been in the group all summer. Ready to get back down to Charleston from the upstate and catch some nice sheepsheads and hopefully do some gigging soon for flounder. Had a good time earlier this year meeting new people and enjoying the water.. Good luck to everyone the rest of the year and be safe out there. Hope to get back down and see some of you guys again soon....

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