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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Mon Jul 22 2024

Youngen Style Charters - Round 2 (Post Shark Week)

When you run an ad on Craigslist for “Free Fishing Adventures” and you have a repeat customer you try again with higher expectations! Caught some big baits in the a.m. and it was happening immediately and then the curren…
Mon Jul 15 2024

Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe $h!+ YS

High hopes for “Shark Week” but man i think we loaded Debbie in the boat with us because Downer was an understatement! Caught bait and headed to the a.m. low tide hole and before getting set up we already seen the bonnet…
Tue Jul 02 2024

Hip Hop She Won't Stop - YS

When you send your youngen to your brother’s house for the weekend trying to keep her entertained while i drive down to FL to pick up a boat motor for the boat…she says hold my Diet Dew boys!!! No gig, no problem! Snatch…
Thu Jun 27 2024

Panama Fishing Early Bday celebration

OK Fellows before you get started I know this should be in the offshore but I’m an inshore reporter (Ha Ha) anyway the Crew and eye were off to Panama last week for a week of fishing and we had a blast. The Capt-Nigel 7 …
Sun Jun 23 2024

Sman, she still finding your leftovers! Youngen Style

Youngen Style is back from Camp Wildwood! Had a blast, learned a lot, met some new friends, and made memories! For the record,i don’t raise quitters! She took a nasty lick at camp on her noggin’ and had to go to the ER t…
Fri Jun 21 2024

Rise n Shine

Out here trying before the weather runs us off…


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Mon Jul 22 2024

Looking to purchase a Yamaha 70. Does anyone know of one for sale? My number is 843-560-1338. Thanks


So, I took off Monday strictly to go fishing. we took the boat out Sunday with the in-laws and everything ran fine. Matter of fact I mentioned to my BIL that I’ve had zero issues with the motor since I’ve had it. Anyway…


I have a 1989 Proline 230 Walkaround and for the life of me cannot find out what sizetank i have. One site i searched says its 90gals another says it 110gals. The Proline website doesnt go back far enough to look there…


I liked this one


Rub a dubb dubbed these down good tonight, they’ll hit the smoker in the morning. Getting a jump on America’s big day. :fireworks: :boom: :firecracker: :bomb: :sparkles: :boom:


Sun Jun 30 2024

so i buy a new t-stat as i could tell the original i don’t think has ever been changed since it took a few prayers to get it off. And corrosion was everywhere. anyway, i’m cranking the new one down from amazon and i hear…

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