July kings (pics)

Caught 11 kings first day and 7 the second. they ranged from small snakes to couple of smokers(42# and 48#). All in around 55-80' of water. Wish they were in the FMT next weekend! Great eating steaked-up about one inch thick and marinaded in Zesty Italian/coat with blackened seasoning and grilled for 3 minutes each side in 500degree cast iron pot 1/4" olive oil. I'd love to hear any other recipe's!!!
cool Good luck in the tournament!





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That's a dang growned up fish!!!!!

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Nice!! What did you catch them On?
That's a Wahoo in disguise. I bet that drag washer is missing some skin. Nice day.
The guy in the 2nd photo must have Pop Eye arms, holding up those 2 fishbigsmile

PS: Nice way to introduce yourself to the CFC! wink
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Thanks yall, caught on plugs, tell more AFTER this weekend! by the way, I am NOT a new member, the site has not updated my posts ever since I've been a member, not sure why tried to get it fixed before but still the same!!! Been member for three years.

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki's
That's a killer haul. You know what you're doing there or got really lucky!

So odd that your post count doesn't work. You have 2 posts on this thread and still shows 0.

Thanks, I,ve had a lot of posts on Offshore, Lake Moultrie and recently cooking but still stays at zero. weird!!! guess it can not be fixed.

Kencraft 23T
twin 175f Suzuki's