6-18 King’s

Left Cherry point at 6:30. Got some pogies in front of kiawah. Mostly mediums with a few bigger. Ran to Shady Grady and last count of how many we caught. Problem was they were all teenagers with maybe a 20 thrown in for good measure. They stopped biting around 8:45. Picked up and ran to 4ki and had some big cudas ruin some more rigs. Back on the trailer by 12:15.

Glad to see someone catching kings. Were you slow trolling or free lining? Heading out of N Edisto river this weekend taking my wife and sister-in-law on their first king and spanish trip. Thinking about checking Edisto Nearshore and then cruise around looking for the birds. Dumb question, what is the "Shady Grady"?
Slow Trolling menhaden. Shady is a live bottom spot about 15 miles off of Folly beach.
thanks greydog. hope to have some of your luck this weekend.