Grays bay

Anybody have any experience in grays bay? It looked really promising. But after going in there for the first time today I found out the hard way, a TON of oyster beds and super in consistent depths I went in at high tide, found some mud at a good depth, 2 casts in shredded the net on some oyster beds guess I’ll stick to bulls bay where I have a half clue what im doing. Anybody?

You have to really know what you're doing back there. Best thing to do is go at dead low and mark your path in and out on the gps. At high tide, as you discovered, those oyster mounds are covered by a foot or so of water and will ruin your day. In certain entrances, there are some poles marking safe passage, but not always. Do it once and mark it at low and you'll be good. I don't go back there on high tides at all; once the water gets about a foot from the top of the mounds, its time for me to leave. bigsmile

There are plenty of fish, but the guides and constant pressure get them locked up pretty good most of the time.

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