"Creek Rat" 14 ft jon boat build (COMPLETE! 8-23)

After some convincing by Cracker Larry, I got the plans for the GF14 from http://www.bateau.com. I want to build it for inshore fishing and beating around and whatnot so she'll get a work boat finish. My epoxy and fiberglass just got here and I've got my work space set up. I've even got van bench seats for the ladies to come hang out and watch me work. I recently got a fancy camera and am itching to use it so expect quite a few pictures.

I did a rebuild on a 13ft Malibu a couple years ago and that's what really got me inspired to build this new boat. You can check out the pictures at this link (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.528207271695.2030656.46403067&type=3&l=86f489a40c). I plan to make a photo album on my Facebook and use it to host the pictures to post on this here forum.

Now I'm just waiting for that plywood to get here so I can get to building.

-Capt. Chris Rapchick

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This bad boy (with a trailer) might be up for grabs very soon. Interested parties should PM me