If you participate in this forum MUST READ

I don't have a problem letting you guys argue about politics here this page was created to keep this off of the rest of the site. I don't read this forum and rely mostly on the people that do to let me know when something gets out of hand.

We will not tolerate anyone threatening anyone else with any type of violence kidding or not kidding. This goes for blatant and veiled threats alike.

If you choose to do so I will immediately remove you from the site. If it becomes a problem I am more than happy to get rid of this page and not allow any politics anywhere on the site.

Originally posted by DFreedom

I guess I am most amused by those that suggest shutting down this forum but are some of the most prolific posters here.

I looked at Skinnee funny when I typed this.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
Do you hunt? I do, and I hunt until the season closes. I played football,soccer,basketball and ran track, never stopped until the final horn or whistle blew. Why in the hell would I stop posting, when the forum is still open?

You picking up what I'm putting down?

Were you calling for them to shut down the football, soccer, basketball, and track programs while you were playing them?


"Why Bruce?"

This is what the CFC political forum Justice League looks like....


It's no wonder only about 10 people post here.

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We now have 11 posting here... Definitely drawing a crowd...

Originally posted by skinneej
Let me know when your birthday is, and I will let you win one on that day. That day only though...

No way...I don't want to stop my losing streak.

Originally posted by CaptFritz

Skinne didn't you once tell Olebassard you would send a bomb to his house....if you were a terrorist?

Not sure. I don't recall such an event. Good thing that I am not a terrorist though... Is that really even a threat? Like, if I said, "If I was superman, I would use my laser beam vision to burn a hole in your head"... Is that a legitimate threat?
No, Superman and Laser beam vision are not real things, Terrorists and bombs are.


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It might be a great idea for the management to have a separate liberal and conservative forum. Then the left would have a safe place to coddle each other and keep a sharp lookout for Russians.
Originally posted by CaptFritz

Fred,it was an "easy" mistake. Like I said, I apologize, don't get so worked up.

I'm far from worked up about it Fritz, but that was a very huge accusation you made of me. As I've told you I don't know who Bolbie's Dad is.... As a matter of fact I don't know who bolbi, robert, polly, etc is other than an internet persona that likes hunting, would like to see dog hunting gone, talks little about fishing, wants the political section gone but continues to post here, does not believe in GOD, dislikes Republicans, and has sent Hillary money for her campaign, oh yea... he likes to grow stuff.

And then your fist apology was "I guess". I said a while back I'd quit taking "jabs" at you but you sure make it hard. I've even had pm's from your brother asking the same years ago. Thank you for suggesting stone ground grits over instant.

"Why Bruce?"
Originally posted by Mixed Nutz

From what I gather, I was the one who crossed the line? Apologies to all, whom I might have offended! You know, I can give, as well as I can take. But, I guess Political Correctness has hit home with this. I guess I'll surrender, and move along.

I always thought you were Gotcha's login after a few evening drinks....
Originally posted by natureboy

It might be a great idea for the management to have a separate liberal and conservative forum. Then the left would have a safe place to coddle each other and keep a sharp lookout for Russians.

Forum would die without us. Every thread would be 1 page of "yep" "GO Trump" "Murica" "Thanks Obama"

Besides, you're the one that can't handle the banter and whines about being offended the most anyway.