Trump Right Again; Critics Wrong

After all the criticism and bashing of Trump by those who said he was making us less safe by pushing his luck with North Korea's leader, provoking a war on through tough talk, well, it looks like all that Trump bashing was a load of hogwash after all.

Apparently, just as Trump voters said all along, Trump knows better how to deal with bully leaders than all the peacenik armchair quarterbacks after all.

The title reads, "Kim Says He'll Give Up Weapons if US Promises Not to Invade."

Haha! Obama never achieved anything like this and never could have because he never had the gonads to stand up and call North Korea's bluff and make the credible threat of invasion. This is happening because Kim knows Trump will stomp his country into the stone age--something he knew Obama would never do.

Just like we said, the only way to deal with a bully like that is through bold strength and the credible threat we'll use our superior might.

Finally, we have a leader who knows how to deal with the maniacs and isn't afraid to do what needs to be done.

Well done, President Trump.

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Originally posted by Fred67
So you believe Trump lies more than Clinton, comey, Hillary, Obuma, and so many more Dems? I don't.

The thing about Trump is we all knew what he was about, He never denied it. All the others twisted and deceived more than you kick ant nests.


Gotta run Fred... Hope you have a good rest of the

Has the dem media ever been right?

c/p - Remember when President Trump claimed in April that "corrupt or incompetent" Puerto Rico officials had badly bungled relief efforts following 2017's Hurricane Maria?

Remember how poorly politicos and journalists reacted to the president’s allegation, claiming that he was lying or being plain racist?

Well, it looks like the president was right. Puerto Rican officials were arrested this week on charges that they stole aid money, the Washington Examiner’s Tim Pearce reported:

aren't they the least bit embarrassed to call themselves journalists or news sources? looks like twix bar propaganda to us

the third rate neocons are upset too

maybe Nervous Nancy, Chuck U Schumer & Spend Every Penny Steny can go back to the Schitz's fake impeachment room where the door's barred shut for the dems to dream about Obama & time spent with children on Epstein's island
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Better tell the Kenyan to fly pallets of HIS money to sponsor more terrorism before Trump locks him up for sedition

c/p - To the likely dismay of Washington's critics, President Trump's Iran policy has been heading in the right direction. By escalating economic sanctions, the ruling mullahs and their proxies are going bankrupt. Other nations now need to join the US by also adopting a "maximum pressure" policy -- even if they would rather continue to do business with Iran and undermine President Trump's administration -- to them, a "twofer". If Iran succeeds in developing its nuclear weapons breakout capability, in the end it will be used to blackmail precisely them.

is Kerry still in Iran undermining Trump's policies? whose side are they both on anyway?
Pelosi’s cabal should get more money from Soros to buy another caravan

How come the news about kids in cages stopped? Must not have focus group polled very well?

Trump is meeting with the Russians today........I hope their secret plans to steal the 2020 election doesn’t get leaked to the dem news........that would be devastating
I'm sure it did not poll very well! Even the Liberals realize we need Boarder Security... They just don't like the fact that Trump actually is doing something about it. It doesn't fit their agenda of trying to prove him "unfit". Their Hate is deep. Also noticed how the homeless crisis and all those crapping on the streets there has disappeared from the main stream? Or the hundreds getting murdered in Chicago and other liberal cities Weekly is absent in the news?

Go Trump!
If Dingell ain’t looking up there was a grave mistake by the funeral director

Just another unfortunate millionaire for the haters

if you want more of this don’t vote for an “America last” democrat

remember those shovel ready jobs?

if you want more of this don’t vote for an “America last” democrat

remember those shovel ready jobs?Originally posted by Bayrider7365

You're the one that needs help. Cow chain and Fred need to go with you and have a group session. Show them your crazy Fred (come down to fifth grade level so you could "CIFER").

Walls work

c/p- “A lot of people in El Salvador believe he (Trump) is the reason all this is happening, that he is selfish and cruel and doing everything he can to make us suffer,” another migrant commented, adding “But once Trump is defeated and the Democrats take over, things are going to get better.”

and under Trump’s command the Mexican National Guard are capturing illegals and deporting them back to their homelands

that is how a real leader of America First keeps border jumpers out. America has a legal means for immigration and we welcome anyone that uses that process