Moving to South Carolina

I have been informed that my job will be taking me to the South Carolina area. Looking for any information, suggestions or opinions on where the best place to depart to fish the offshore banks are. Also will not be bringing my boat, so what is the optimal boat that is used to fish offshore. Gents, any advice is much appreciated.

I posted sometime ago on this board about moving to SC and for many reasons it was put on the back burner by my company. Well its front and center again, and we will be moving there in the near future. I am mostly an offshore guy here in SOCAL, fishing mainly for Pelagic, but do enjoy bottom fishing in the winter months. I have noticed that for the offshore fishing you need to be closer to the Gulf Stream (Dorado, Wahoo, Marlin and Sail Fish). Looking for input on where the best departure location for reaching the Gulf Stream might be, but still be able to have fun closer in when family shows up (and you know they will).

Last Blue Fin I caught here in SOCAL. Will miss fishing these on light line.

I can help you find a house smile I am a local Charleston Realtor! Also, can give you a little offshore fishing advice to get you headed in the right direction! thumbsUp
Thanks, any advice for offshore fishing is much appreciated.
You got a shorter trip to anywhere up there than I do down here. You gots the 226/380 hole and bubble rock...some of the prettiest water on the East Coast. Ammo dumps...too..

They got some good charts here:

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