Silly Does...

I hunted WMA this morning, wasn't planning to shoot a Doe, but when 5 of them walk straight to me and are planning to walk under my tree, from directly DOWN wind?

The first 2 in the line smelled where I had been standing when I put my climber on the tree. All 5 got nervous right off. Shot the last one in the line and she dropped straight down ( brain shots tend to do that ) and the rest went nuts running around trying to figure out how to go in 4 directions at the same time.


Good job. You consistently take deer on WMA land.
I'd take a doe to eat any day over a buck. Nice shot! For those that get nervous, never have to worry about "buck fever" shooting a doe. smile
Good job. You consistently take deer on WMA land. Originally posted by Fracwilt

Scouting, scouting and more scouting. bigsmile
Hunted Thursday morning and seen some Does, but decided to wait for a Buck. Hunted Friday morning and shot this one at 9:40 am. Saw 6 Does about 10 minutes after I shot.

My 44 Magnum carbine wanted to go hunting, so I hunted some Water Oaks back in some THICK cover.

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