If the Resisters, Never-Trumpers, Trump-Haters or whatever you think you are, want to know why Trump got elected & will be re-elected, take 3 minutes to read this


Any luck finding reports of Trump supporters beating the snot out of a dem supporter?


crazy leftocrats are threatening a girl continuing their war on women
C/p- This cannot be repeated enough times: Had the DoJ properly investigated and prosecuted James Wolfe, the fake Russian dossier would have been immediately debunked, the FISA abuse based on that fake dossier would have been exposed, the special counsel would have been shut down, the Republicans would have almost certainly have held the House in 2018, and there would have been no impeachment farce based on a fake Ukraine whistleblower.

but the hate overwhelmed the leftocrat’s warped minds and injustice prevailed however the best is yet to come


Where are all the racists?


I bet they’re working with the Russians!
Is this for real?


sounds like he’s enjoying his non-Bern life

and now the leftocrats hate Miracle On Ice because USA beat Bernie’s dream
5 million Indians in America


will they vote for the only Indian running for President? or will she get 1 vote for every 1064 votes Trump receives?
When the Wizards of Oz are concerned, things must not be going as usual


C/p- When it became clear Trump couldn’t be stopped he was smeared with being a tool of the Russians, and the same seeds are being planted around the Sanders campaign. It doesn’t matter how preposterous it is, the primary goal is to ensure nobody ever talks about anything important.

do you concur?
Tough voting choice this time, 2 kid touchers, 1 that doesn’t know what day it is or where he is, the other was BFF with Epstein and Weinstein now surrounds himself with guns while saying he’s gonna grab your’s, a devout communist or a lying Injun

however Tulsi Gabbard is the far best choice but leftocrats don’t believe she hates America enough


walk away for MAGA KAG and show your love for your country
The um the rights um you know them things.

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.