Wamba doggin again

We hunted 3 drives with 10 beagles managed to shoot these two bucks a doe was run also and a 4-point was crippled I left those guys turn my two dogs loose again by myself and they jumped a wall hanger and a doe bedded down in a Fallen Tree Top in the middle of a swamp and ran him for about 600 yards before they got hot and came back I had another deer get by me that I never saw I just heard tearing through the woods. Wamba Hunt Unit. Seen several grown bucks taken by other hunters as well. I base it off the water supply available

"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!"

2008 Sea Pro 1900cc w/115

(2) Daughters that make the boys cry

(1) wife that makes her husband take the kids outdoors to chase their dreams!