Shad 2020

Wonder if the warmer weather we are having will get the run started earlier this year?? I know last year we got on them in late January into mid April.

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Ohionavynuke, how high was the santee at arrowhead? Don't want to drive from Johns island on Wed if it's unfishable. Thanks!
given my work schedule i have only this weekend i can even attempt shad or herring fishing, so i will make a trip up and a buddy and i will give it a crack. if no shad or herring, ill also at least try drifting in kayaks for catfish at night in lake moultrie. one of the last times i did that with a piece of herring (i have leftover menhaden in the freezer) i got a 45lb blue so may as well at least try! Originally posted by OhioNavyNuke

That should have made for a heck of a pull in a kayak. You beach the kayak and then land that big un? Nice fillets right there.
Man, 5 pages of threads of non bragging shad fishing....did I miss the pic of the hottie holding up a big shad???

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Is there any place to buy shad. I need about 200. I don't need or want the roe, just the fish for bait. The run started late this year and I have gotten too busy to get back up there and start loading up like most years.
Affinity, you from Johns island?

Anyway, would love to hear an answer if the santee is worth fishing? Thinking about Friday if it's not higher than last year? The shad were catchable, but had to use 2oz to keep the bait down.
I am from James Island, and now live on Johns Island. The shad are there now and its game on!
Affinity, I'm pretty sure I purchased a casting platform off you a few years ago. I may go Friday, if I get a surplus I'll shoot you a message.
sounds great thanks