new electronics

Charleston Marine installed 2 12-inch Simrad multifunction displays plus radar and autopilot. This is a down scan image from the Edisto 60 reef. Now if only I could have gotten my jig through all the black sea bass to whatever was on that structure it would have really been fun.

Sea Hunt 27 "Edi-tude"
Maverick 18 HPX-V

James, awsome machine you got there! I can't beleave that the water temp is almost 60 in January at the 60.
Thee detail is amazing.. not to sound too stupid. But what am I actually seeing?
Likely sheeps or reds, if sheeps you can use whole smaller sized mussels and for the reds use a bigger jig like 6 to 8 inches and if you do catch a seabass it will probably be bigger then the swarm of undersize ones that are there in numbers, but the fishing is a lot better a little deeper out this time of year. Most the reds will be over slots out there and there are some big sheeps but it could also be sand tiger sharks if you think the marks are bigger then big reds, they will sit on the wrecks sometimes with water around the 60s.