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Wanting to outfit a medium (3600 series) tackle box for inshore/river. 3-trays and top bin.

If you were going to outfit "your" box what would be your choice:

Fishing from jon boat, so trying to keep it contained.


Give me some eye strike jig heads and original trout tricks.This will put fish in the pan anytime of the year.Maybe some hooks,lead and corks if you’re gonna throw the cast net .
One box for bait and live bait fishing, one box for hard baits like topwaters, mirror lures, etc and one box for jig heads and some paddle tails and Doa shrimp.
Yep.The only thing I would add is some leader material. and I like voodoo better than DOA. Oh yeah.And a good pair of needle-nose

I am fragile.
Not like a flower.
But like a bomb.
Lead, swivel, leader line, circle & khale hooks.
Small hooks for bait or pan fish.
Jig heads & weighted hooks.
Zman & doa.
Top water.
Pliers / cutters & lighter.
I've started using a small soft sided cooler as a tackle box it has worked well its cheap and waterproof.
Found plastic boxes that fit perfect and will hold 3. Use one for live bait stuff one for plastics and jig heads one for plugs and topwater. I learned a long time ago you don't need every thing they sell in a tacklebox just take whwt you used the last time you went. Most stuff you carry rusts and you throw it away never using it.
Yes, the goal is simple... Less to pack & clean up.