Tape or Sewn in preference/differences

I’ve already Googled and asked several friends of their preferences of a sewn in deep hole net vs a taped net. I’m just wanting a few more opinions before I purchase my next one.

I’m currently throwing a Betts Blue 8’ that I taped. Seems to work okay with an occasional hang up from my tape job, etc. The net is getting pretty worn and considering another net.

Looking at another Betts Blue, Betts Green, or Deep Hole Green sewn in. I’m not brand partial, just some I’ve looked at recently.

I’m having a difficult time justifying the extra $130 or so for the sewn in for the 10’ net. Is it worth it, the sewn in part?

I have no issue with the extra money if it’s really that much of a difference.

Thanks for any feedback


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Philippians 4:13

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Philippians 4:13

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Sewn is is definitely better and a good quality net will last you a long time. There is a guy named Ed Shumaker out of Florida who builds the best bait and shrimp nets Ive ever used. Call him up and tell him what you are looking for and a 5 minute conversation will tell you exactly what you need. He will likely build it in a week or so and probably about the same $ as an off the shelf shrimp net. I have 4 of his nets and each one is great. He has been building nets for 50 years. No affiliation.

I ordered a ten foot taped Fitec Super Spreader years ago and when the tape started to wear out, I just redid it with red duct tape. It turned out pretty good. Most of the deep hole nets come with a 50 ft. handline, however, in the harbor's deeper areas, with wind, current and a drifting boat, you sometimes need more than that. I added an additional 50 ft. to mine. Sewn is probably better, but worth the extra expense, that is a judgement call.

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I agree with LE, the Fitec nets are pretty good and wont cost a fortune or need a 2 months wait period for a custom net. Although I've never needed more than the 50' that came with it, nor do I want to retrieve it from any deeper than that lol.bigsmile

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Did a side by side sort of test against a 10 ft Betts woven net and my off the shelf 10 footer taped using clear gorilla tape. Throwing left and right side and switching sides with the iPilot holding us in place the taped net caught double the sewn in one. You could also see a big difference in net opening watching them on the screen. Friend sold the Betts net and had me help him tape one up.

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The sewn in nets will hold water and add weight to the net once wet. I just tape all my nets , more economical.
Thanks again for the feedback. Y’all pushed me the way I was leaning. Thanks

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