defunding the Police

Y'all heard the latest knee Jerk B.S.? Our big Democratic led cities are actually listening to the thugs begging to do away with all Police! Can you imagine the anarchy that would ensue if our Police officers were done a way with? These are the men and women that know these communities better than anyone and the thugs want to have them removed. Why? To commit more crime, not because they are scared of them. How about some Federal funding for training even more officers to put in these areas. These thugs with the bully pulpit of the Main Stream media and the unwarranted "glorification" of the Floyd tragedy, are trying to convince America that ALL law officers are bad. I remember Clinton saying that he would provide money and training for law officers when he had the huge reduction in the Military (do more with less), never happened.

Maybe if we had more standardized Training for all Law officers and increased their presence in troubled neighborhoods, things like the Floyd tragedy wouldn't happen. Lord knows we needed more officer to STOP the Looting and Rioting that they were told to let happen by their elected leaders.

Drumpf, defunding America with debt!


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so are you implying you think we need to defund the police? You sure have Mr. Trump buried deep under your skin. And you call me hard headed?

wonder who the democrat on the line was? probably someone with community organization skills? we’re gonna have to split concrete for the wall to build a new prison