Wading Hamlin Sound


Adam (Awendaw Angler) and I waded the marsh in that big tide Monday afternoon. Was a first wading the marsh for me.
We caught several fish each and one pulled the rod out of my right hand and I caught it with my left.

Adam threw a cast net for mullet and I used soft plastics.
As per usual the video is linked at the top for anyone interested.
Kerry Browning

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I fish the cooper and wando regularly but have a bay boat and can't get into the flats. Need to find those deeper water reds at low

I fish the cooper and wando regularly but have a bay boat and can't get into the flats. Need to find those deeper water reds at low

TUG IS THE DRUGOriginally posted by Breel613

One way to do this is to find some short marsh grass near the creek and nose your bay boat in, toss anchor onto the flat, step off and start walking.

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Look for needle grass ,it has a hard bottom.
Thanks for the advice!

I was the same way for the first couple of years, couldn’t catch a red to save my life. Just go to folly October/ November and surf fish and you’ll catch one.Originally posted by staystrapped

I absolutely guarantee you that right now you can catch reds and trout two hours before low tide fishing those jetties on Sullivan’s Island.

I fished there a bunch last year with artificials as well as mullet. The bait is pretty easy to catch with a cast net.

To me it’s more fun using a Zmann on about a quarter once jig head. Throw something smallish like a slim swim or swim z.

Most everything you catch will be small but I’ve caught a really nice black drum and some nice flounder.

My favorite spot is the next to last set starting at Breach inlet heading down Sullivan’s island. Wade waist deep and cast to the left side of those jetties.

Sometimes it’s a fish every cast. Usually a puppy drum.

As soon as the tide is gone so goes the bite.

I’m actually not responding to you staystrapped, just adding to what you said.
[file ]error[/file]I’m also going to add one more thing. You absolutely must spend at least $125 on a good rod. If I had a budget of $150 I’d by a st croix rod and a $25 reel. It’s that important.

I took a friend wading Sullivan’s island. He told me he had fished around Charleston area in his kayak for years and never caught anything. He said he hooked up to a big red that pulled him around a bit before it got off.

Well, we both stood in the same water throwing to the same place. He felt one bite while I caught six trout in maybe a half hour. I even rigged him up with my exact artificial.

I told him that he absolutely needed to get a better rod - explaining that with a st croix you can actually feel the fish pick it up, arrange it In his mouth and, if you let him swim, you can feel his tail as he swims. He thought I was exaggerating.

Then he spent about 200 dollars at the Palmetto Armory and got a st croix rod and a 75 dollar reel and I put him on my boat.

We caught a lot of fish that day and he was sold. He couldn’t believe the difference.

I have a pic of him with a really nice flounder I’ll try to post.
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