Xi puppets and crooks


Does Joe quit campaigning way before lunch everyday because he soils himself or he’s afraid he’ll get a Burisma question without a teleprompter answer from his handlers?

Biden lied and got caught end of the line for him
It’s on like donkey Kong

just follow the $$$

and there’s videos everywhere

word on the street is Cuomo the new switch so going from a rapist to a granny killer, sucks being a democrat
Biden’s biggest problem will not be failing a drug test

Sidney Powell for the new FBI Director!
C’mon man! 3.5 million from a Russian Mayor’s wife??? That’s Russian collusion

The Biden’s are all compromised and unfit for office
It’s bad when you’re the target

C’mon man! I’ve been corrupt for 47 years get use to it Corn Pop!
FBI and CIA stonewalling in an attempt to avoid embarrassment

guess we’ll see who blinks first
We must investigate to prove Biden is not comprised and can be blackmailed by Russia, Ukraine and China

the seriousness of the charges demand it for the greater good of our country
While I have no doubt Biden is Compromised, I really wonder if he even knows it? I don't think he is living in the real world, but rather a staged one presented to him by his handlers.

Get Biden in office and then we will have Harris as president and Pelosi as vice. I'll go on a limb and wager anyone that if Biden does make it to be our next President he lasts less than a year before being declared incompetent by Pelosi and friends using the 25th amendment. The stage is already being prepared by the Dems with Trump as we type.