Botany Bay

Coming down to Edisto next week for a long weekend. I'd like to take my kids over to Botany Bay to check it out. Can you get there by boat or is it a pain? Also, will be shrimping and fishing. Only get to go shrimping once a year at best and typically go out of Steamboat or the Sound. If either of those have been better this year I sure would appreciate the heads up. Hoping the fish bite stays hot for a little while!

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There is nowhere to dock a boat at Botany Bay.
"There is nowhere to dock a boat at Botany Bay"...

And the surf is a crazy maze of trees, definitely a boneyard. Also a lot of "Off Limit" areas for Bird nesting. Kind of sucks really. Surf fishing was very productive. Now there's not much beach left after Mathew.

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We drove over & walked up to driftwood beach at low tide in 2018. It should be fine for a couple hours each side of low tide. I surf fished for a little while with no luck. The place really is cool looking. Wish i could have seen it before the hurricanes started taking it away.

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Sportsman Masters 207
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