South Fenwick Island - Fish Creek

Fish Creek off of the Edisto side of South Fenwick Island, just how dry / shallow is that creek on low tide?

I've ridden right past South Fenwick Island through the cut a few different times but never stopped. Planning to go camping down there in the near future. The weekend we're planning looks like a +0.9 low tide. Trying to figure out if we can get to campsites 2 or 3 on the SCDNR South Fenwick map via the creek side. I'm thinking it's not looking good for site 2. Possibly site 3 from the ocean/inlet end of the creek. Thinking the boat will need to be left at the SCDNR dock on the Ashepoo side. Any confirmation on my charts and aerials research with real life would be helpful.


The DNR guy that called me back to issue the permit offered some info. In case anyone else ends up searching for info about it. He said you need the tide around +2' or higher to get into the creek between the Edisto creek mouth and campsite 3 shown in a 20-21 footer. Said there would be any issue coming in from the south/ocean side all the way up to campsite 3.