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Fishing Reports by Local Anglers

Thu Aug 11 2022

Well, well,.... looking good! Charleston

Hey guys! Long time no read! I hate dealing with logins and new passwords and all that technical stuff. I’d rather shove bamboo shoots under my nails. So, now that my fingers have healed up…:nerd_face: Like the new lo…
Thu Aug 11 2022

Sometimes you just got to hold that mouth just right!

Slipped out after work and looked forward to fishing alone in search of some tailers. Found 6 and sealed the deal with 1 at 22". Never spooked any if the fish and presented them with 5 plus perfect casts with a fiddler i…
Tue Aug 09 2022

New to CHS

Hey fellas, moved to town about 3 months ago and been stalking the site. Y’all have been educating me about local fishing. Grew up fishing inshore in S Florida, trying to get up to speed here. Caught this guy and he do…
Mon Aug 08 2022

Family in town

First actual fishing report I’ve posted on this site in years… Had my wife’s youngest sister and her family in town, and I took my BIL Joe and his son Spencer out on Friday morning. I took them to a spot where I’ve bee…
Mon Aug 01 2022

Sunny Sunday

The better half and I got a lot done this weekend and were able to do the afternoon thing in Goose Creek yesterday. It was super hot and sunny, but we brought some backporch shade this time, lol, youll see. Fished the ta…
Sun Jul 31 2022

Finally caught some dinner

Hit the Wando at incoming tide with finger mullet, live shrimp, and some frozen sand fleas(for sheephead). I quickly caught a rat red, then while rigging up another bait for the back of the boat my wife brings this baby…


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Charleston Fishing Discussions


Are brake bleeder screws on calipers all the same size? I need to replace the little rubber caps on several (on multiple cars) and want to just order a bunch but, want to make sure they are all the same size (or close).…


Tue Aug 09 2022

He tote’s shingles up the ladder. He runs the hell out of a shovel tearing off shingles. And why can’t you go to work?


finally made it to the gulf and learned about their scalloping, been wanting to do it for years. FIL turned 70 and got impulsive, rented a place with extra beds and dragged his boat down, wife and i joined for 4 nights a…


1980 something POS model hull. $5 and I’ll tell you where it is. No trailer. No motor. Like I said, it’s gently used. It will hold fish and water about 4-5 hours per day. The rest of the day its dry. Lemme know wh…


Tue Aug 09 2022

Sman. last chance. SIG p220. elite. In 10 mm With 300 plus rounds.$1000 M&p 2.0 performance center in 40 cal Suppressor height sights.$500⁰⁰ Cut for an optic. Ported barrel. Taurus raging Bull $750⁰⁰ Ha…


Tue Aug 09 2022

I did see two tails and casted at one probably barely slot fish. It just hasn’t turned on for me yet. I need to keep looking i guess. Too many people on the water tonight. Tomorrow I’m headed south. Had people…

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